10. syyskuuta 2018

Onnea Ruotsi!

Onneksi olkoon Ruotsi vaalituloksen johdosta! Pitäkää hauskaa swedistanissanne! Suomi seuraa kohta "onneksi" perässä, koska lampaat nukkuvat täälläkin.

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    Panagoulis discovered that the very people who had tortured him were then pretending to be democrats. Allesandro systematically began to investigate the corruption in the police and the political government. Just two days before all the files of the junta’s military police (the “E.A.T.-E.S.A. file”) he announced would be released, he was assassinated. One of the methods to assassinate a leader so he is not made into a hero is to create what appears to always be an accident. On the 1st of May 1976, a car accident was staged on Vouliagmenis Avenue in Athens. A car drove extremely fast and directed its path to impact Panagoulis. Without a choice and counting on a human reflex, Panagoulis’ car and forced to divert and crash in which he was said to have been killed almost instantaneously. The files never materialized to support the collaboration of corruption of the police in league with Greek officers who worked with Nazi Germany in World War II. These men who killed Greeks served in the Security Battalions who fought for the Germans in 1943-1944. These very people were those who were the leaders of the Colonels’ Regime of 1967-1974 and were torturing Panagoulis. There are no such coincidences in these types of affairs.


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  2. Maahanmuuttovastaiset näkemykset ovat lisääntyneet hurjasti joka puolueessa, mutta eipä näille höperöille taida kelvata kuin poliitikot, jotka tosiaan uskovat joihinkin salaliittoteorioihin maailmaa hallitsevista mutanttireptiliaanijuutalaiskommaripunavihernatseista.