11. tammikuuta 2013

Parhaat 10 syytä sille, miksi mafia on parempi kuin valtio

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  1. Oh jeah.
    This was a real convincing way to praise mafia.

    I'll write more later.

  2. Reason 10:
    Mafia does have a very strict command line. When there is something to do they do it.

    Unfortunately for many people they doesn't care who will be hurt in the process.

    Reason 9:
    True. Command chain is very clear and not disputable (usually).

    Again. Most of the people have nothing to say for their own good. They are not eligible to say anything about mafias decisions.
    They just have to obey. Many have to die.
    Like one young italian boy, who happened to see his family slaughtered. Anthony Brusca, the murderer, cut the boys hands off and then strangled him to death. He was 11 years old.

    Reason 8:
    "When mafia go to war there won't be thousands of civilians be killed as collateral damage."

    So it's a ok, if some 20-30 or 50 people die in their wars??. Well thousands are not far fetched. Since 2006 mexican drug cartels
    have killed over 40 000 people for controlling the areas they operate.

    Reason 7:

    That's a simple lie. Mafia does not care about the quality of their drugs.

    Reason 6:

    That's a simple lie too. You never get protection from the mafia. It's a paranoidic society. Whenever they feel to be threatened by
    someone (inside or outside) they wack them out. Mafia does not protect even their own.

    If you dial 911, there would be fire rescue troops, ambulances and police on the way.
    Can they get everywhere on time, no. Can mafia? No. Mafia doesn't even have 911 call number or any kind of rescue vehicles or
    personnel. Mafia doesn't care about the people.

    Reason 5:

    So mafia has taxation system too. Unfortunately that system is not regulated by any standards. There's no guarantee, that 10% or
    15% would be enough. Sometimes they just steal the whole business to themselves and leave the original entrepreneur in poverty
    or asked for doing something for the family. Usually a crime and after that mafia completely abandon the entrepreneur.

    Reason 4:
    Basically mafia doesn't want a profitable business go bankrupt. But the business has to be done by mafia rules. That means food is
    not necessary to comply health rules or any governmental rules. Also construction rules are done by the minimum standards.
    There's no rules to hazardous materials or rules to dispose any waste. Naples in Italy still today suffer from vast waste problem in
    their streets.

    Reason 3:

    Of course: They don't care about anyone's life. They like violence. They recruit violent young people to their families. They admire

    Reason 2:

    Of course: Prostitution is big business. Unfortunately many prostitutes are forced to sell themselves and are often beaten badly not
    to make enough money for their "employers".

    Reason 1:

    This is mind-boggling: They dress better, they look better?
    If true, let's still not forget these people are oppressors, killers, rapists, psychopaths, etc...